New DC tattoo studio features ink that eventually Disappears

WTOP: A new tattoo studio is now open in D.C., and it may be the perfect spot for people who’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but were too nervous about having it permanently placed on their body.

The studio, “Ephemeral Tattoo” on H Street in Northeast, features tattoos with special ink that is made to fade away completely in one to three years.

“The majority of the clients we get are clients who wanted to get a tattoo, but didn’t want to make that commitment forever,” tattoo artist DB Wyte said. “It kind of opens the door for them.”

Tattoos allow people to display their interests, beliefs and values in a visual way.

Someone may get a tattoo of their favorite band or musician to show their love and dedication to that artist, while others may get tattoos of meaningful quotes or symbols that represent their personal beliefs or experiences.

Tattoos can also be a form of therapy or healing. They can serve as a way to process emotions and experiences that may be difficult to put into words.

Ephemeral Tattoo was first launched in New York City and now has locations in several major cities nationwide.

Wyte said the tattoos themselves are very similar to traditional tattoos, aside from the fact that they do eventually disappear.

“It’s the same equipment, the same supplies and the same process of applying the ink into the skin,” Wyte said.

One customer who didn’t want to be identified by name said that “it hurt less than I thought it was going to.”

“They talked me through the whole process so I felt super prepared for it,” the customer said.

Each tattoo varies in its longevity, according to the company. Some of the main factors that determine how long a tattoo will last include the design, placement, aftercare and the body’s unique skin tone.

According to the business, “70% of Ephemerals will fade away in under two years, based on the most popular tattoo design and placement choices customers make today.”

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