Fresh Green Offers Healthy Local Food Options

WASHINGTON INFORMER: Across Prince George’s County, there are a plethora of Chinese carryouts, tobacco stores that sell as many snacks as tobacco, and drive-thru fast-food options to service commuters on the go. 

Jeremiah Abu-Bakr, the owner and founder of Fresh Green, saw this and chose to open something different. While this is Jeremiah’s first restaurant, his other business ventures and prior experience in customer service have been very helpful in building this business. 

Fresh Green currently has three locations: in Bowie at the Bowie Marketplace, Kettering, and Laurel. The Kettering location in particular was chosen by the owner because of the lack of healthy food options. That shopping center has a Wendy’s, Chipotle, McDonald’s, and a pizza store, but no other healthy food options. 

For those outside those areas, Fresh Green is available currently on DoorDash and will soon be on Uber Eats. Additional locations will open soon, including a College Park location that is expected for summer 2023. 

The most commonly ordered item is the Jerk Caesar salad, and the extra flavor of the jerk seasoning is a kick that customers love. Owner Jeremiah’s favorite thing is the elderberry dressing, a flavorful and low-sodium option that is available for vegetarians. 

When asked why he opened the business, Abu-Bakr said “I truly wanted to give our community a healthy option. As I get older and more conscious of my health I’m more inclined to promote health eating.” 

For those who love healthy eating and supporting local Black businesses, shopping at Fresh Green is an easy choice.

Photo: Jeremiah Abu-Bakr owns Fresh Green, a Black-owned salad bar restaurant with locations in Bowie, Kettering and Laurel. (Anthony Tilghman/The Washington Informer)

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