Prince George’s County Leads Maryland With 55,000 New Job Since 2011

THREEE60: Prince George’s County proudly announces a significant economic growth and development milestone. Over the past ten years, from 2011 to 2021, the County has successfully added 55,000 new jobs, marking a considerable achievement in its commitment to economic prosperity and community development according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) data.

This remarkable job growth is a testament to the County’s robust economic policies, strategic initiatives, and a conducive business environment that have collectively fostered job creation and attracted diverse industries to the region.

“This achievement reflects our dedicated efforts to create a thriving economy in Prince George’s County,” said David Iannucci, President & CEO of Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation. “We have worked tirelessly to attract businesses, support local entrepreneurship, and create a skilled workforce that meets the evolving demands of the job market.”

This period of growth has seen a diverse range of industries flourish in the County, including technology, healthcare, education, and service sectors, contributing to a dynamic and resilient local economy.

That vertical economic trajectory will only expand with the recent announcement of the Federal Bureau of Investigations headquarters coming to Greenbelt, MD. This decision will bring generational transformation and investment for Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland because large federal job centers have driven job and income growth in the region. When the Federal Government decided in 1941 to locate the Pentagon on the west bank of the Potomac, that decision created decades of additional investment in Virginia.

As we look to the future, Prince George’s County remains committed to continuing this trajectory of growth and prosperity, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive economy for all its residents.

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